Tired of the same 'ol candles?

Welcome to Callisto Terra - where peace + candles are top priority.

Fall into the calm of unforgettable scents that empower you in the chaos of life. From handcrafted concrete candle jars to succulent wax melts - you're in the right place to create the piece of peace in your life that you have been searching for.

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Limited Edition Candles

June is full of self-love, culture, and dads. Celebrate with some candles.

Juneteenth "Freedom Day"
Pride Month "LOVE"
Father's Day

  • Wine Tasting and Candle Making Class in Toledo, Ohio

    July 1st | Wine Down Friday

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    Wine Down Every First Friday of the Month with and enjoy wine tasting and making candles. Ladies, you DESERVE time to chill out, relax, & enjoy yourselves. Come spend some time with Callisto Terra & Shonuf Sippin' on the first Friday of every month for candle making & wine tasting. Hosted by 2 industry experts as we walk you through our craft during this relaxing & enjoyable time! Save a seat for you & your bestie and make this a monthly tradition!

  • Kraft Night Candle Making Class with Crystals in Toledo, Ohio

    July 23rd | Candles + Crystals Class

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    Join Jess De La Mer & Callisto Terra as we partner together for Kraft Night. We're creating Intention Candles that have helped our customers manifest opportunities in their lives they've needed to come to pass & some that were great surprises for them! Using Beautiful crystals from Jess De La Mar, Callisto Terra Candles, & dried florals - you do NOT want to miss this event!

Come shop the Candle Studio in person!

201 S Erie St in Downtown Toledo, OH inside the Art on Market Shoppes - Suite 5!


Wednesdays from 11am - 6pm
Saturdays & Sundays from 10am - 3pm

Book a Candle Making Class anytime,

SUNDAY + MONDAY from 12pm - 6pm

The Signature Candle

Callisto Terrariums


These candles are completely handmade - from the jar to the succulents! Candles & Melts so beautiful, the biggest decision you'll need to make is to burn or not to burn...

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Monthly Wax Melt Club

Up to 40 days of peaceful, room-filling fragrance per jar!

Never go without your favorite scents. Get monthly wax melts delivered to your door automatically.

Easy monthly restock with email reminder to switch scents or stick with your favorite!


Which scent will you choose?

I've made it EASY for you! Order your Starter pack & experience the peace that every Signature Scent from Callisto Terra brings. Choose your new favorites to come back & stock up on!

Handcrafting your own candle.

Join me in our studio for a hands-on experience you will not forget. Measure your wax, build your own scent, & pour your very own candle.

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Empowerment. Balance. Love.

Empowering you to create a balance between the peace and chaos in your life. Bring warmth and light to your space with our handcrafted soy candles & wax melts. Show yourself some love today.

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  • Our Products

    Our 100% soy candles and wax melts are hand-poured & cured with love infused into every step of the process. Filled with the fragrances of the earth & ocean to invigorate your senses and calm your mind.

  • Your Invitation

    Sometimes it's hard to relax and just be YOU. We invite you to create a space of peace + calm, if even for just a little time during your week. Put on a wax melt or light up a candle to fill the room with scents you'll know & love.

  • Our Mission

    We desire for you to embrace every bit of yourself, the beauty and the chaos and to love yourself fiercely. The simplest things like lighting a candle or writing in a journal do wonders for your soul. Let our products set that atmosphere as you look inward and see the beautiful human being that you are.

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Callisto Terra is a handcrafted shop created to empower the busy human to create a space of peace & calm within their life. The shop is named Callisto, after one of Jupiter's moons that has been found to have oceans under the surface. This represents the beauty of flowing, like water, in situations we cannot control. Like water, we continue on & move with what we're meant to do around the chaos that happens all around us. Terra represents the Earth & the beauty of growth & scents of the elements found here. From the earthy scented woods to the soft & well-loved fragrance of the floral fields to the delicious smells found all over the world - Callisto Terra is always empowering our people to create that piece of peace in their homes & lives through scents & comfort.

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