Welcome to the Callisto Terra Date Night Candle Making Class!

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Celebrate your anniversary or get to know each other for the first time while creating candles you'll love to use over & over.

  • Costs $100 - Includes:

    This Candle Making Experience includes 3 of our larger 10oz cement oval candles. You'll each create your own candle and then you'll come together & make the third one together!

  • Taking your candles home:

    Candles take 3-4 hours to cure. You will NOT leave your class with your candle. You will come back later in the day, same day OR return when the shop is open to pick up your handmade candle.

  • For you & your boo!

    Submit the form below with the date & time you'd like to come & enjoy your significant other while creating your own candles.

Please submit this form with the day & time you'd like to come for your Couple's Candle Class.